Off flavors sensory class during regular meetings

Starting in March, BYOB will begin a series of sensory training sessions that will last for five meetings. During each meeting we will sample five common beer flavors, aromatics, and off flavors that home brewers most often encounter.
It will be held as a subset during the normal meeting time. Tickets will be available during the February meeting. Tickets to each tasting will be $5 and will be limited to 10 participants.

Meeting 1 – March

  • Hefeweizen (Spicy & banana)
  • Vanilla
  • Bitter (Hoppy, bitter)
  • Isovaleric acid (Cheesy, old hops, sweaty socks)
  • Indole (Farm, barnyard… Bacteria)

Meeting 2 – April

  • Isoamyl acetate (Banana, peardrop)
  • Almond (Marzipan, Almonds)
  • Caprylic acid (Soapy, fatty, candle wax)
  • Light-struck (Skunky, toffee or coffee like)
  • D.M.S. (Cooked corn)

Meeting 3 – May

  • Spicy (Cloves, all spice)
  • Earthy (Geosmin, soil-like)
  • Grainy (Husk-like, nut-like)
  • Ethyl hexanoate (Aniseed, apple or licorice)
  • Acetic acid (Vinegar-like)

Meeting 4 – June

  • Acetaldehyde (Green apple, cut grass)
  • Ethyl acetate (Solvent-like)
  • Papery (Cardboard, oxidized)
  • Contamination (sour buttery)
  • Butyric acid (Putrid, baby vomit)

Meeting 5 – July

  • Geraniol (Floral, geranium flowers… Hops)
  • Lactic acid (Sour, sour milk)
  • Diacetyl (Butter, butterscotch)
  • Metallic (tin-like, blood)

Mead Day 2015

Many varieties of mead to sampleMead-Day-2015-A

Raw honey to sample


Basics of beekeeping


Honey bee information








Back to Back World Champion

Once again, Ken crushed the competition!


Fast Rack Speed Challenge Domination

The Back Yard Obsessive Brewers homebrew club is pleased to announce that as a result of a club competition for the Fast Rack Speed Challenge held at Cricket Hill Brewery on April 4th, we have 4 members of our club that have been invited to the National Homebrew Convention and the Fast Rack National Championship Competition in San Diego, California on June 13th.

Ken M. won last years’ club competition, was invited to the National Championship competition and WON! He has been invited back to defend his championship title this year. In this years’ club competition, we have 3 entries, one, who is certified as the fastest Fast Rack Speed Challenge time ever…Nina R. with a time of 12.325 seconds. Second in the club competition is Mark Z. with a time of 14.486 and third, Julie D. with a time of 14.581. All three qualified to compete in this years’ event, meaning that the BYOB Club has 4 finalists in a nationwide field of 10 competitors. Also, every single entry from BYOB has resulted in an invitation to the championships. That says something, I think it’s in the beer we drink.

The winners will receive admission to the National Homebrew Conference in San Diego, where they will compete for the National Fast Rack Title and Trophy on June 13th. Travel expenses and accommodations are not covered, so anyone wishing to help our homegrown team make it to San Diego, can drop off donations at Cricket Hill Brewery from now until June 8th.

The best way to cool wort!

Ken and Doug cooling their wort at the Sunset Lake Craft Beer & Spirits Tasting





Ken Won the Fast Rack Challenge First during the May Meeting and is now the National Champion


Our very own Ken won the first ever title of National Champion at the AHC Fast Rack Speed Challenge in Grand Rapids Michigan. This was no small feat, and I want to take the opportunity to congratulate him again. For his win, Ken gets to defend his title next year at the San Diego AHC.

Prior to the Nationals during the May Club meeting, we hosted the club Fast Rack Speed Challenge, where contestants tried to fill a Fast Rack with 24 beer bottles, case and flip them in the best time possible.

The Fast Rack website demonstration timed in at 13 seconds, so there was some pretty formidable competition. 6 or 7 people tried but only 1 broke the 13 second  time, so we video taped it and submitted our club entry.

Ken was one of 10 national winners in the 2014 Fast Rack Speed Challenge!!!!! WOOO HOOO!!!! You can see his performance here:

Ken won a ticket to this years American Homebrew conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan and won the National Championship representing the Best Homebrew Club and the Best Brewery in New Jersey!