Off flavors sensory class during regular meetings

Starting in March, BYOB will begin a series of sensory training sessions that will last for five meetings. During each meeting we will sample five common beer flavors, aromatics, and off flavors that home brewers most often encounter.
It will be held as a subset during the normal meeting time. Tickets will be available during the February meeting. Tickets to each tasting will be $5 and will be limited to 10 participants.

Meeting 1 – March

  • Hefeweizen (Spicy & banana)
  • Vanilla
  • Bitter (Hoppy, bitter)
  • Isovaleric acid (Cheesy, old hops, sweaty socks)
  • Indole (Farm, barnyard… Bacteria)

Meeting 2 – April

  • Isoamyl acetate (Banana, peardrop)
  • Almond (Marzipan, Almonds)
  • Caprylic acid (Soapy, fatty, candle wax)
  • Light-struck (Skunky, toffee or coffee like)
  • D.M.S. (Cooked corn)

Meeting 3 – May

  • Spicy (Cloves, all spice)
  • Earthy (Geosmin, soil-like)
  • Grainy (Husk-like, nut-like)
  • Ethyl hexanoate (Aniseed, apple or licorice)
  • Acetic acid (Vinegar-like)

Meeting 4 – June

  • Acetaldehyde (Green apple, cut grass)
  • Ethyl acetate (Solvent-like)
  • Papery (Cardboard, oxidized)
  • Contamination (sour buttery)
  • Butyric acid (Putrid, baby vomit)

Meeting 5 – July

  • Geraniol (Floral, geranium flowers… Hops)
  • Lactic acid (Sour, sour milk)
  • Diacetyl (Butter, butterscotch)
  • Metallic (tin-like, blood)